Truckee Police Department

Have you ever been on vacation in the mountains and watched with envy a cop working in a boat or patrolling in a postcard setting? Have you thought to yourself, “Man, have they got it made!”? 

Have you ever sat in your patrol car looking at an MDC full of pending calls and felt more like a member of a M.A.S.H. unit doing triage than a police officer? Do you wish you had the time to actually help someone, solve a problem, and work in a community where your efforts are appreciated?

Is your commute getting longer to a small tract house in a neighborhood where you’re no longer sure you want to send your kids to the public schools? Does a subpoena for court turn your world upside down because you can’t afford to live close to the jurisdiction you work in, or it’s the type of place you wouldn’t live in even if you could?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to some of these questions, the Truckee Police Department may have a job opportunity for you. Explore our website; chat with some of our officers; come up for a ride along. See if you’re the right fit for the Truckee Police Department and if the Truckee Police Department is the right fit for you.

Who do we hire?

When we are actively recruiting, we generally look for lateral officers and academy graduates.  Lateral officers are especially welcome in Truckee.  As a relatively young police department (formed in 2001), we value their experience.  If you’re a full time sworn or commissioned police officer in another state, you may qualify for a California POST Basic Course Waiver (BCW).  Typically, we require a valid California basic academy certificate, BCW, or current California POST Certificate (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced) at the time of application.  Please contact the California Commission on POST for more information.

More information about working in Truckee.

Our officers live in Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, and Reno, NV. There are lots of housing options for different tastes and budgets. TPD has the same responsibilities and performs many of the same law enforcement functions as any municipal police department.  In addition, the Department handles an array of situations unique to our mountain resort setting: lost hikers, boaters in distress, bears in neighborhoods, motorists stuck in snow. 

The Truckee Police Department is an exciting and unique place to work.  We recognize the importance of finding the right “fit” when looking for a place to live and work as a cop.  We encourage you to contact one of the officers listed below and ask them any question you like. They will respond as soon as possible, but keep in mind officers may have unusual days-off and vacations.

This web-page is strictly for prospective police officer applicants. Any messages pertaining to PD operations, press releases, etc., will not be answered.  

Officer Andrew Holbrook
[email protected]

Sergeant Arnie Lopez
[email protected] 

Officer Brad Beers
[email protected]

You may also contact our office to schedule an applicant Ride-Along.